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Why We Love Our Church

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The liturgical style and practice at S. Stephen’s is defined and longstanding. We adhere to an Anglo-Catholic liturgy, partnered with sung Mass settings and extraordinary works from the Western, sacred choral repertoire. The manner in which music is woven into our worship, whether it is hearing the polyphony sung by the men and women of the choir, to the plainsong chanting of our priests and deacons, to the heartfelt, joyful singing of hymns numerous and varied by our congregation is unique and enriches our worship experience. The solemn High Mass of Sundays offered in our sanctuary, a neo- gothic architectural design of Richard Upjohn, is in comfortable harmony with the daily prayer and Eucharist offered every day in the quietly elegant Lady Chapel. Our worship is structured to be corporate, but also personal and contemplative; delightful to the senses.

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