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On most Sunday mornings, it’s usually easy to find a spot near the church, or at most a block or two away. Because we are located in the heart of the Brown University campus, parking in the vicinity of the church can be difficult on weekdays when Brown is in session.


On weekdays and Saturdays, the City of Providence rigorously enforces parking regulations. Many of the surrounding streets reserve morning hours for Brown University staff.  After 1 pm standard parking rules apply; most streets have a two or three hour time limit. Visitors, guests, and parishioners are urged to pay careful attention to the parking signs to avoid being ticketed. 


Brown University provides a public parking garage at the corner of Power and Brook Streets (about three blocks south of the church) for those desiring off-street parking.


There are two city handicapped parking spots directly across from our main entrance. 


Visitors and parishioners are welcome to park in the driveway – between the Church and the Guild House – provided that they pull all the way forward to avoid blocking the driveway to others who may want to park there. Please do not park others in unless you will remain readily available to move your car upon request.


Parking can be found, but it's a good idea to always give yourself a little extra time if you plan to attend a Mass or other event at S. Stephen's.



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